Boat Lettering & Graphics
General Pricing*
(weeded and taped
with registration marks for two-color)

High Performance Cut Vinyl
Registration Numbers
(1 set=2 sides) $40
  Outline add $30

Hailing Port
|2"-4" high $1.25/in
   Outline add $1.25/in

Stern Lettering
4"-6" high x up to 40" long $1.25/in.

Outline add $1.25/in.  Shadow add $1.25/in.
Side Lettering
4"-6" high x up to 60" long  $1.25/in.

Second Side $1.25/in.  Outline add 1.25/in per side
Shadow add $1.25/in per side
Real Gold Cut Vinyl 150% of regular color vinyl
Larger sizes available ask for pricing

For a better idea of costs, use the DIY page
Custom Design Pricing

Custom Design:  Three font styles free
Additional Font Artwork
charged at $35/hr pre-paid by credit card
Additional Custom Image Artwork
charged at $75/hr pre-paidby credit card
Custom Digital Graphics:
$25 per image set up, plus print fees
Custom Flat Color Graphics:
Up to three colors, fees advised and pre-paid by credit card
All Designs sent via email with
firm quote for final product
All Artwork remains the property of Artistic Merit until full payment is received.
Most credit cards accepted


If you don't see the color you want above
let me know

Only High Performance vinyls* and
22k Real Goldtm* products are offered
Digital prints laminated* to resist
sun and sea damage
*Lesser quality materials usually result in poor durability
Not my style!
Do It Yourself on line Boat Lettering
Tips when selecting color:
Look at the factory applied graphics to find complimentary color combinations
Light Navy works well with blue canvass
Grady-white boat owners like dark blue/gold metallic